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Our Distinctive features have remodeled next-door shopping into a child’s play

  • Best price assured

    Carrybag adopts the latest online shopping methods without paying extra, supporting buyers, riders and sellers alike.

  • Next Door Super App

    Order right from groceries to fisheries, restaurants, butchers and bakeries, and have it all delivered to your door.

  • Super Easy to Get In

    It's designed to give you a unique shopping experience with pictorial representation and details of shops and products by category.

  • Deliver orders with ease

    We make your daily life hassle-free by providing pickup, drop-off, and even pre-booking options all in one place.

  • Keep informed

    Right from the moment you place the order until it is delivered, you'll have a hawk-eye on everything that's on the move.

  • Search universally

    Products or stores, whatever it is, you can universally search for your favourites and view nearby search results in real-time with just one click.

Discover Carrybag

Get into the next level of online shopping

An online delivery platform that has been designed to revolutionize neighbourhood shopping and to take your buying experience to the next level. Here you will be able to surf for multiple stores and products in a single shot while sitting back.

You can swiftly navigate through the products/items in a way that will make you experience shopping unlike any of the other platforms.

Renowned Authentic Cuisines with Us

For the food lovers among you who want to relish the cuisines from well-favoured restaurants right from snacks to burgers, biryanis and many more we have covered almost all of the best authentic ones for you. We are committed to satisfying your cravings for a variety of foods without letting the overprice drain your taste for enjoyment.

Stay tuned for more food destinations on your favourite list if you find them missing right now, we'll be adding them soon as we expand our service to more places.

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Experience best-in-class online shopping with the Carrybag delivery app uniquely designed to make ordering everything you need easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about us and our service-related concerns over here. You may find some frequently asked questions and the answers provided below.

What is Carrybag?

Carrybag aims to deliver items from the best nearby sellers in the most efficient manner by creating a high- quality platform for the public, sellers and riders alike. In essence we provide our merchant partners with the opportunity to increase their operational capacity, introducing avenues to increase consumers and consequently revenues; increase brand exposure and get free marketing; and take advantage of the advanced technological developments, allowing the sellers to focus on their core competencies (i.e. serving their customers)

We also provide consumers with the ability to order quality products from the best neighborhood stores and delivered at the clients doorstep, in an efficient and reliable manner.

How do I order through Carrybag?

Carrybag offers customers multiple portals to order from. These portals are a means for Carrybag’s partnering stores to display their catalogues (descriptive and pictorial)

What kind of neighborhood stores are listed on Carrybag?

Carrybag is a high-quality platform with a diverse selection of neighborhood stores. This selection of stores range from local corner stores to high end brand outlets. Carrybag showcasing a range of resellers from Groceries, Eateries, Butcheries, Fisheries, Poultries, Dairies and more.

Additional Information

  • Updated Sep 13, 2020
  • Current Version 1.7.0
  • Size 27Mb
  • Installs 900+
  • Reviews 4.8 (37 total)

Latest Carry Bag Updates

Here you will be able to get all the latest updates that are happening at our end

We have have touched 100

We are now going from strength to strength owing to all of your untiring support as our partners number a 100

Onam Celebrations

As a part of our Onam celebrations, we had waived the delivery charge completely to celebrate the festive spirit.

We have 50 shops listed

The carry bag frenzy has taken over the city of Calicut as we have 50 renowned stores join us as our partners.

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